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Did you know that the first wildlife week was started back in 1952, when the Indian Government established Indian Board of Wildlife, with a vision to preserve the wildlife in India!? Yes, it is celebrated all over the country every year, between October 2nd to October 8th.

In our country, wildlife has been closely associated with the religious beliefs & mythology and cultures & traditions since ancient times. But, it is truly tragic that a growing disconnect has taken the place of what was once admired. As we dive into the latest issue of Wisdom Nuggets, let us envision a world in which people and nature thrive together. Get ready as we together celebrate The Wildlife Week, 2020!

“The Living Planet Report 2020 underlines how humanity’s increasing destruction of nature is having catastrophic impacts not only on wildlife populations but also on human health and all aspects of our lives” Marco Lambertini, Director General, WWF International.

In the last 10 years we have seen an average decline of 45% of species in the unique ecosystems of Asia-Pacific region alone!

Yes, that’s true, but on the brighter side, we have also observed increase in a few species of reptiles and amphibians. Let’s not forget that pollution is one of the main causes contributing to this decline and it’s in our hands to decide: Is wildlife our ally or enemy?

Read the latest Living Planet Report here and get inspired to reconnect with the wild!

Get creative and link the environmental education with your favorite subject in the curriculum!

  1. Language – Read the LPR 2020 and a draft a summary in 150 words. Hold a quiz among your classmates, friends based on it.
  1. Social Studies – India has an incredible range of wildlife that results from its diversity of terrain and vegetation, and to protect this variety of wildlife, we have, from time to time built national parks, sanctuaries and reserve forests.

On the map of India, plot the following places:
i. Periyar National Park
ii. Keoladeo Ghana National Park
iii. Kaziranga National Park
iv. Corbett National Park
v. Sunderbans National Park

Also mention the wildlife being protected in these conservation sites.

3. Math- Forests play a vital role in supporting our huge diversity of fauna. Work in pairs and find out statistical information related to:

a) Total area under forest cover in India
b) States with the highest and lowest forest cover
c) Plot a graph to show the states with increasing area of the forest cover.
d) What is the difference in the percent forest cover of the state with the highest and the lowest forest cover?

Present your data in tabular form.

  1. Science – Draw a chart to show how the loss of wildlife leads to the spread of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19. 

The Wildlife week is essentially celebrated in India to create awareness among people towards the importance and conservation of the wildlife. The Indian Government established Indian Borad of Wildlife which works to improve the responsiveness and awareness of the public towards wildlife protection.

Here are some interesting ways to celebrate the Wildlife Week, 2020:

  1. Bird Watching – Grab your binoculars and camera and  spend sometime watching birds and discover the wildlife from your balcony or window!
  2. Movie night – Get some popcorns and get ready to witness the best of India! Watch Wild Karnataka here with your friends and family.
  3. Quiz up –  Take interesting wildlife quizzes with you friends and become a wildlife champion. Head to the InQUIZitive section and test your wild whiz!  

As we celebrate the wildlife week together, here is a chance for you to show off your photography skills! So grab that camera and start clicking!

Share your best Wildlife Photograph with us with a suitable caption telling us any one interesting fact about that particular species. Send them to us at oneplanetacademy@wwfindia.net with the subject line “Wildlife Week DIY activity”. Best entries to be displayed on our social media.

Let’s take this pop quiz and test your Wild whiz!