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Just Keep Swimming!

In this edition of Wisdom Nuggets let’s celebrate World Fisheries Day together! Every year on 21st November, World Fisheries Day is celebrated throughout the world. Let’s first understand the definition of a fishery. A fishery is a geographical location, a particular part of an ocean, where fish are caught. It can also be defined as a seafood harvesting and breeding facility which sometimes known as hatcheries or aquaculture farm.

Did you know that an estimated population of 200 million people is directly or indirectly employed in the fish and seafood industry! Alas, around two-thirds of the world’s fisheries have been overfished or are fully harvested and around 1/3rd are in a state of decline because of overfishing, pollution and global warming.

Let’s highlight the importance of fisheries of our planet and dive into the latest issue of Wisdom Nuggets to deeply understand the concepts of overfishing, sustainable fishing practices and fishery management!

Did you know more than 25% of the world’s dietary protein is provided by fish! And yes, the human population consumes over 100 million tons of fish annually! Hard to imagine, right? India is the second largest exporter of seafood, after China and the oceans around the Indian coast as experiencing heavy fishing intensity.

Did you know that the harmful subsidies on fisheries, worth billions in public money, are keeping destructive fishing activities afloat! These subsidies make it harder for small-scale fishermen to thrive and contribute to illegal fishing.

Watch this video and listen to Sir David Attenborough on what we need to do to stop over-fishing.

If you are an educator – share your own curriculum linkage here across any of the subjects and we’d take up the selected ones in our next edition of Wisdom Nuggets with yout . 

Get creative and link the environmental education
with your favorite subject in the curriculum!

  1. Language – Watch this video and get aboard the journey of a fish as it wades across the lifeline of our nation, the Ganga. In about 150 words, write down how human activities & the resultant pollution is affecting our fisheries.

  1.  Social Studies – On the political map of India, mark the top 5 fish producing regions in the country. List down 3 characteristics of each these regions that aide in fish production.
  2. Math – Given below is the statistics released by Ministry of Statistics on the state-wise and year-wise output of fisheries (in terms of market value in INR in crores). Study the graph carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Q1. Name the top 3 fish producting states between 2011 and 2018.
Q2. Which year saw the highest production cumulitavely?
Q3. What is the average annual fish production since 2011?

  1. Science – Draw a well-labelled diagram of a fish. Write 5 points on its physical features that helps it stay under water.

Fish maintain the health of marine ecosystem and also provide support to other marine life. Playing an important role in the food web, around 100 million tons of fish are harvested annually to feed billions of people on our planet.  On this World Fisheries Day, let’s celebrate by thinking globally and acting locally. Show your support and celebrate World Fisheries Day by taking these actions:  

1. Watch and Learn  Watch this interesting video and learn more about the importance of fisheries management. Hold a discussion with your teacher and classmates on how we can improve fisheries economics and policies.

2. Attend a Seminar – Invite your friends and colleagues and attend the National Seminar for Educators on Coastal and Marine Conservation.

Date: November 21, 2020.
Time: 10 AM.  



In the latest edition of DIY Activity, let’s make some moving paper fish! Click here to watch this craft video and make your very own moving paper fishes! Click photos of your colourful fish and send them to us oneplanetacademy@wwfindia.net

Upload the photo on your social media account and tag us @wwfindia with hashtags #MyPaperFish #JustKeepSwimming  #OnePlanetAcademy #DIYActivity

Let’s take this pop quiz and test your knowledge about fisheries and underwater friends!