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Walking the Wild Corridors!

Here’s an exciting update and a moment of pride for all of us!
Did you know India is all set to be the only major country to achieve the targets of Paris Agreement leading the world in Environmental Protection through international solar alliance!

As stated by PM Modi in the Climate Ambition Summit, 2020, the country has reduced its emission intensity by 21% since 2005. This means, India is all set to fight against climate change and help flourish the Indian wildlife.  Now that’s what we call a Proud and Historic Moment!

Let’s explore elusive and rare Indian wildlife in this new avatar of WWF India’s fortnightly newsletter ‘Nature Nuggets’!

Jan 10, 2021– The Nature and Butterfly Society (TNBS) has recognized Siruvani hills in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu as a “Butterfly-Hotspot”!

According to TNBS, 240 out of 325 butterfly species have been documented in Siruvani hills of Tamil Nadu.

“Butterfly presence indicates a healthy ecosystem and can act as a measure of the overall eco-system. Documenting 240 species from a small area confirms the super richness of the butterfly availability in Siruvani hills,” stated A. Pavendhan from TNBS.

Want to learn more about butterflies? Watch this interesting expert talk by Issac Kehimkar, Chairman and founder of iNature Foundation.

Browse through these butterfly publications and identify common butterflies with ease!

Common Name: Black Panther
Scientific Name: Panthera onca

Did you know that “Black Panther” is not really its own species!? This term is actually an umbrella term which refers to any big cat with a black coat.

The black coloring comes from excess amounts of melanin and animals with extra melanin are also known as “melanistic”.

This black beauty, famously known as “Bagheera” from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, can be spotted in Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve stretches between Kodagu and Mysuru districts of Karnataka, India.

CLICK HERE to watch this big cat in action in Kabini Forest, India.

Time to check your Wild Wisdom Quotient!

This new species of snake has been recently discovered in the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot which has been named after a famous character from Harry Potter. Hint: Named after one of the four founders of The Hogwards! One point for Slytherin!

  1. Green pit-viper
  2. Hump Nosed pit viper
  3. Rat snake
  4. Checkered Keelback

Answer to be revealed in our next edition!

Previous edition Answer: Arctic Tern, known for its longest migration from pole to pole travels around 90,000 km from Greenland in the North to the Weddell Sea in the South.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed it right!

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