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A Swamp Story!

Marshes, lakes, ponds, rivers, mangroves, estuaries, swamps, fishponds and even rice paddies! Any idea what’s this edition all about? It is neither water, nor land but always soaking wet!

If you guessed Wetlands, you are correct!  Celebrated every year on February 2nd, World Wetlands Day 2021, themed “Wetlands and Water”, is aimed to encourage actions to restore and replenish our wetlands.

Just like our kidneys, wetlands help in cleaning the environment by removing pollutants from water and help balance the water retention on land. Hence, they are often referred to as “nature’s kidneys” or “nature’s sink”.

Dive into this new edition of ‘Nature Nuggets’ to learn more about this diverse ecosystem!

Water crisis was ranked as one of the world’s topmost global risk by World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, 2020.  

Yes, over the last decade, water crisis has consistently remained one of the top 5 pressing issues of the world. Water is core to running nearly all businesses. One of the biggest water dependent industries – fashion – was reported to be highly unsustainable.

Well, not anymore. Watch this video and learn why!

Read this article to learn more about how H&M group, in partnership with WWF is ready to transform efforts to tackle water crisis facing the fashion industry.

Fight the water crisis and become an Aqua Champion today! Play Aqua Champions on One Planet Academy by clicking here.

Common Name: Great White Pelican
Scientific Name: Pelecanus onocrotalus

A bird with a huge throat pouch! Most common residents of wetlands, Great White Pelican is one of the largest flying birds in the world!

Did you know the bird’s yellow “Gular Pouch” has a capacity to hold 13 liters of liquids or up to 4 kg of fish! Now that’s A LOT! Because of this cool pouch, they don’t need to dive in to catch it’s prey, rather just take an easy dip in the water and scoop in a large chunk of fish.

These birds are seen migrating to India in large numbers during the winter migratory season, mainly settling aroundthe wetlands of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Assam.

CLICK HERE to watch these pelicans in action in a feeding frenzy!!

Time to check your Wild Wisdom Quotient!

I am a fish but I can walk, crawl and jump on the land. I live in the swampy marshes and estuaries with mud-banks. Who Am I?  Hint: I look like I was cursed by a fairy to turn into a frog and the curse stopped working half way!

  1. Toad Fish
  2. Blobfish
  3. Mudskipper
  4. Hairy Frog Fish

Answer to be revealed in our next edition!

Previous edition Answer: A new species of Green pit-viper snake has been recently discovered in the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot which has been named after Salazar Slytherin, a famous character from Harry Potter. Scientific name of this species is Trimeresurus Salazar.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed it right!

Celebrate this World Wetlands Day by learning more about how wetlands work. Watch this interesting video on Wondrous Wetlands!

Take a Green Turn with us and make the right choices, because Choices Matter! Watch this story and see how Deeya and Peeya make simple and right choices at their home and live a sustainable life.

Want to spot a woodpecker in action?

Join us on 6th February at Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Gurugram, Delhi NCR to watch and explore the beautiful world of our avian friends.

To register, contact us at edu@wwfindia.net or call 9953501269.
Limited seats only!

*Trails will be conducted will all safety and precautionary measures. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all participants.