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Nature Unplugged: Earth Hour Edition

The year of 2020, the year of global pandemic, of wildfires and the warmest year; This was the year we all got a wake-up call from our planet!
It’s time we take a pause, to reflect on what we can do for nature. It’s time we take a moment to rediscover our beautiful nature and reconnect with our planet.

Started as a lights-out event in 2007 by WWF, Earth Hour is now a global movement for the environment.

Observed every year on the last Saturday of March, earth hour is not just a day to turn of lights, it has become a global drive to protect nature and combat climate crises while ensuring our own happiness, prosperity and good health.

Dive into the latest edition of Nature Nuggets and get ready to join us and speak up for the nature this Earth Hour.

World Sparrow day, recently observed on March 20th is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of these little birdies.  The state bird of Delhi, Sparrow has been recently declared as endangered species of IUCN red list. This species has been a victim of climate change for over a decade and has disappeared from major cities of our nation under the pressure of habitat loss, paucity of food, radiation from mobile phones and towers and other human-induced factors.

Despite this, there is still a ray of hope that sparrows might fly back to us. Read this article by an expert from WWF India to know how we can still  bring the little birds back to the cities.

Panda Speaks

Do you want to make a difference to the environment?

To spark curiosity for nature and science in children and adults, WWF India brings you Panda Speaks, a fun podcast series which talks all about sustainability, nature and wildlife!

Tune in to the podcast on your preferred platform.


Common Name: Giant Panda
Scientific Name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

The species of this special edition is the WWF’s treasured and unmistakable logo, Chi-Chi the Giant Panda.  

Adored by the world, these big furry bears reside in the temperate forests of Southwest China. Unfortunately, this species has been at the forefront and negatively impacted by the climate change. These bamboo lovers have been threatened by the human development leading to their habitat loss.

Recent studied predict that climate change might wipe out a large chunk of bamboo plantation resulting in the food loss and habitat loss for Giant Pandas.

Did you know Pandas make an excellent example of an umbrella species providing protection to many other species where they live!? In other words, a Panda’s habitat is so biologically diverse, that in efforts to conserve them we inevitably end up conserving all other species living around them such as multicolored pheasants, the golden monkey, takin, and crested ibis.

Watch this video to learn more about this interesting and one of the most loved species.

As we #SpeakUp for the planet this Earth Hour, let’s not forget that climate is change and it is impacting many other species now more than ever!

Time to check your Nature Quotient!

Climate change has been taking a heavy toll on this species, resident of Antarctica. They are primarily facing habitat loss issues due to increasing global temperatures. No guesses here, we are talking about Penguins!

Which penguin species is also known as ‘jackass penguin’ because it makes donkey-like braying sounds?

  1. Emperor penguin
  2. African penguin
  3. Gentoo penguin
  4. Chinstrap penguin

Answer to be revealed in our next edition!

Previous edition Answer: Ganga River system. Ghariyal prefer to reside in the deep fast flowing rivers and are found in the Ganga River Systems in India: Girwa (Uttar Pradesh), Son (Madhya Pradesh), Ramganga (Uttarakhand), Gandak (Bihar), Chambal (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan) and Mahanadi (Orissa).

Congratulations to everyone who guessed it right!

Earth Hour is chiefly aimed to spread awareness about climate crisis and its effects on our nature. This also gives us an opportunity to learn more about thousands of other species living on our planet. Take a green turn by gaining more knowledge and take this earth hour quiz!

Take another challenge and power-up the superhero in you! Challenge your friends and family and #PlayForThePlanet. Click here to play The Earth Hour Game.

Follow the tradition and switch off your non-essential lights in your home for an hour on Saturday, 27 March 2021, at 8:30 PM.

Four ways to make your switch-off moment memorable:

  • Open that fun board game box and enjoy a game of Monopoly, Jenga, or Ludo with your friends and family in the dark.
  • Organize that much needed candle-lit dinner with your loved ones.
  • Encourage your friends and family to participate at home or virtually.
  • Capture all these moments on your social media, tag @WWFIndia on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We would be elated if you also use these hashtags #EarthHour #Connect2Earth in your posts/stories.