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Season 1 | Episode 14 | Marine Matters

Learn about India’s fascinating marine environment, the threats it faces, and what citizens can do for marine conservation.

Episode Description

12% of the global Merchant ships or about 20,000 vessels hail from the South East Asian region. We are the powerhouse of trade and need our waterways to provide as smooth a transit as possible. More than 70,000 species of marine life surrounding this region are at play to provide us this ecosystem.

it is paramount to conserve and protect these species and not drive them to extinction. What can we as common citizens do to cause the change? In a fun conversation with Mr. Aditya Kakodkar along with 2 Planet Ninjas listen to this Episode of Panda Speaks called Marine Matters.

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Concept: Ms. Radhika Suri

Script: Ms. Neha Raghav & Samarth Sheth

Children Sharing Their Experiences: K Manikanta and Bhargavi

Coordination Admin: Team WWF-India – Ms. Sulagna Roy, Ms. Natasha Ballal, Ms. Annesha Lahiri

Editor of Recordings: Mr. Nimit Vaishnav

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Idea Packs for Educators

Idea Bite 1: Where in the oceans around India do we find coral reefs? Make a poster on these locations.
Fun link 1: https://attenboroughsreef.com/
Idea Bite 2: Make a presentation with examples of how plastic waste collected from oceans is being reused.
Fun link 2: https://www.worldwildlife.org/teaching-resources/toolkits/sea-turtle-toolkit
Idea Bite 3: Design a chart on the dos and don’ts of sustainable fishery for fisherfolk and commercial fisheries to follow.
Fun link 3: https://www.inseasonfish.com/