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The Mysterious Parchment

An accidental discovery leads two siblings on a treasure hunt. What wondrous treasure will they find?

Idea Packs for Educators

Idea Bite 1: Collect information and pictures and make a poster on different devices that use solar energy to run.
Fun link 1: https://kids.britannica.com/students/article/solar-energy/277128
Idea Bite 2: How can we use solar energy to cook? Use solar energy to melt chocolate over biscuits and make a chocolate-topped snack.
Fun link 2: https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/making-smores-full-time-kid/full-time-kid-solar-cooker/
Idea Bite 3: Create a unique code using symbols of natural objects for the letters of the alphabet. For example, you could draw a leaf for ‘L’ and an apple for ‘A’. Write a coded letter to a friend.
Fun link 3: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games/action-adventure/article/crack-the-code-1