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A peek into the fascinating lives of insects that share our world

Macro Magic
Macro Magic

Idea Packs for Educators

Idea Bite 1: Make a poster on animals that are thought to be insects but belong to other groups.
Fun link 1: https://bugsinourbackyard.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/BioB-Coloring-Book.pdf
Idea Bite 2: Set up a bug hotel in a warm but shady place on your balcony or in a garden. Draw or photograph any insects you spot and create an insect journal.
Fun link 2: https://nhm.org/bug-hotels OR https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/home-is-good/make-a-bug-hotel/
Idea Bite 3: Using clothes and materials available in your home, design a costume and dress up like an insect that can camouflage itself.
Fun link 3: https://www.plt.org/educator-tips/camouflage-nature-examples