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More than Just a Dead Leaf

Learn about the Himalayan rhododendron and discover a beautiful insect that looks like a dead leaf.

More Than Just a Dead Leaf - Comic
More Than Just a Dead Leaf – Comic

Idea Packs for Educators

Idea Bite 1: Many flowers are used to make beverages such as juices and syrups. Write the recipe for a flower juice or syrup that you can make at home.
Fun link 1: https://www.cntraveller.in/story/12-edible-flowers-india-add-pantry/#s-cust0
Idea Bite 2: Walk around a park or garden and photograph any camouflaged animals you spot on tree trunks, leaves, rocks, and so on.
Fun link 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOIRci0CKzg
Idea Bite 3: Paste on paper cut-out pictures of an animal that uses camouflage. Colour the background to match the animal’s markings and its habitat and create a camouflage puzzle.
Fun link 3: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/wacky-weekend/article/hidden-animals