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The Fishermen from Bengal

Learn about a unique cat that barks amidst the marshes of West Bengal.

The Fisherman from bengal
The Fisherman from bengal

Idea Packs for Educators

Idea Bite 1: The fishing cat has adaptations to suit its aquatic habitat. Make a poster on three other animals and explain their unique adaptations.
Fun link 1: https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/animal-adaptation-video/science-trek/
Idea Bite 2: Make a presentation with examples of human-wildlife conflict, like the conflict between fishermen and the fishing cat. What do you think is the main cause behind such conflict?
Fun link 2: https://www.worldwildlife.org/stories/what-is-human-wildlife-conflict-and-why-is-it-more-than-just-a-conservation-concern
Idea Bite 3: Create a flipbook on the state animals of India mentioning each animal’s common name, scientific name, and habitat.
Fun link 3: http://www.wiienvis.nic.in/KidsCentre/state_symbols_india_8411.aspx