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Season 2 | Episode 2 | Reviving Habitats!

A healthy thriving habitat plays a critical role in supporting the biodiversity it inhabits, including us, humans and combating climate change. In this episode of Panda Speaks Season 2, our young podcasters Ananya & Shivam talk about the importance of forests, wetlands, mangroves and other habitats and appeal to the grownups to act for their conservation.

Listen to this super exciting, fun and informative podcast ‘Reviving Habitats’ to get inspired to take action!

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Credits –

Concept: Ms. Radhika Suri

Script: Ms. Neha Raghav, Ms. Fionna Braganza and Ms. Shreya Bhatt

Editor: Vizgully Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Director: Ms. Sulagna Roy

Host: Ananya Agarwal and Shivam 

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