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The 14th of November is Children’s Day! Make sure to celebrate with your friends and play some fun games together. Did you know that playing games can help you green the planet? Read on to find out how!

Play is very important for our well-being. Playing games helps us to exercise our mind and body, bond with friends and family, and build important skills. But did you know that playing games can also be a fun way to learn about nature and sustainability? In this edition of Nature Nuggets, we’ve put together a selection of exciting games you can play as you learn for the planet!

How well do you know the natural world? Play this mosaic game to learn some interesting trivia or test your understanding of food chains with a game of Animal Sudoku.

Did you know that the poop of animals can give us clues about their diets, habits, and movements? Play this game to learn some fascinating facts about smelly stuff!

Outdoor games at a park or garden are a great way to experience and explore nature. Play a game of ‘I Spy’ by photographing or drawing creatures or natural objects you find based on a chosen theme, such as leaf shapes or ground-dwellers.

Go on a nature walk and collect natural objects without harming any living things. Use them to make different sounds and compose a piece of music in a game of ‘Silly Symphony’.

You can help the planet by making smart and impactful choices in everyday life. You may have played car racing games before, but Driving Green allows you to keep vehicular pollution in check!

You can take on an even bigger challenge—climate change—by playing the game Mission 1.5°. You’ll get to make big decisions to tackle global warming and vote on actions that you want leaders to take.

Now, isn’t that proof that playing games could help change the world?

Common Name: Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
Scientific Name: Tursiops aduncus

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, known for their toothy grins, are found in the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. They are extremely social animals and even form long-term friendships! They produce a variety of sounds. Each dolphin uses a characteristic whistle that helps others identify them individually.

Did you know that dolphins like to play? They swim and splash, leap out of the water, and chase each other. They also play with objects. Watch this video of bottlenose dolphins playing with a camera disguised as a pufferfish.

Many animals show playful behaviours—octopuses, bees, fish, turtles, crocodiles, and many mammals including dogs, cats, dolphins, monkeys, and apes. Watch this video to explore why animals like to play

Time to check your Nature Quotient!