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The winter festive season is upon us! Have you heard of Budapest’s people-powered Christmas tree? Read on for more ideas on how to green the Holidays!

National Consumer Day is observed in India every year on 24 December to spread awareness about the rights and responsibilities of consumers. This festive season, let’s all pledge to be responsible consumers and make planet-friendly choices! We’ve put together some useful tips on how to make better choices as consumers and make our Holiday celebrations more planet-friendly in this edition of Nature Nuggets.

Give green gifts: You can be an eco-conscious consumer by giving your loved ones sustainable gifts. Choose items made from materials that are recycled or sustainably and responsibly sourced. Buying locally-made products lowers your carbon footprint and also helps support local communities. Save on the resources needed to make new items by buying items that are second-hand or refurbished.

Gift an experience: Help cut down on the use of resources by not buying any physical gifts at all! Gift your loved one tickets to a fun event, take them on a picnic or nature trail, cook them a tasty meal, or give them the gift of time spent with you!

Cut down on packaging: Discarded gift-wrapping paper and foil add to waste. Try using a Japanese furoshiki as a zero-waste, tape-free way to wrap and transport gifts.

Wrap your gift in recycled paper or materials that are reusable and tie it up with cotton or jute string.

Green your Christmas tree: If you choose to buy an artificial Christmas tree, make sure to buy one you will reuse for years to come. A greener choice would be to buy a living tree! An Auracaria or cypress plant makes a beautiful Christmas tree you can grow at home for many years.

Make your own decorations: Reuse or upcycle old decorations or make decorations from waste materials to give your home a festive look.

Light up your Christmas tree and home with LED lights that use less energy and make sure to switch them off at night.

Common Name: Christmas tree worm
Scientific Name: Spirobranchus giganteus
Colourful Christmas tree worms bring festive cheer to tropical oceans throughout the year. These worms live on coral reefs, attaching themselves to coral. The fluffy fir tree-like protrusions after which they are named help them in respiration and catching plankton that float by. Did you know that these dainty animals help to protect corals from being eaten by predators? Watch this video to learn more about Christmas tree worms.

Discover more holiday-themed ocean animals in this colourful slideshow!

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