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What do tea bags, envelopes, bottle caps, and chewing gum have in common? The answer may surprise you—it’s plastic!

Plastic is an extremely versatile material that has helped make our lives easier and safer. But plastic’s durability and other advantages are exactly what have led to a global plastic pandemic. So massive is the scale of plastic pollution that unless we change our habits, by 2050, the amount of plastic in the sea could outweigh all the fish! This is why this year’s World Environment Day—a global event celebrated on 5 June every year—calls on people everywhere to use their choices and voices to beat plastic pollution.

In this special interactive edition of Nature Nuggets, calculate your contribution to the plastic problem using our new Plastic Footprint Calculator. You’ll pick up useful tips on how to slash your plastic use and find creative ideas that help you ditch plastic. So, let’s get started!

Click here to find out your Plastic Footprint.


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