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World Wide Fund for Nature India (WWF India) is one of the country's largest conservation organizations with a mission to conserve natural biodiversity, promote sustainable living and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature. WWF India is part of the WWF International Network, which has offices in more than 100 countries across the globe. Established in 1969, it has a national presence through sixty offices, distributed across twenty states of India. Environment Education is one of the oldest divisions of WWF India. The division is continuously working towards its mission and vision to inform and empower children, youth and citizens to act and create impact for a sustainable planet. Know more about our work here https://www.wwfindia.org/about_wwf/environmental_education/



In the year 2016, WWF India's Environment Education division introduced the Eco Trails programme. The initiative employed the principle of 'experiential learning', engaging both nature enthusiasts and nature novices through trails, workshop and courses with the aim to reconnect children and citizens with nature. Since its inception, the EcoTrails programme has nurtured over 25,000 budding nature enthusiasts across diverse ages and backgrounds, across the country.
With the current scenario of social distancing, WWF India opens up a new avenue for nature lovers to learn and engage with the natural world, while being safe. The Cool Conservationist Virtual Camps encourages participants to continue to learn and explore nature under the mentorship of WWF India experts. The programme aims to create awareness and provide a platform that will nurture a sense of fascination and appreciation of the natural world and motivate young minds to develop pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours.


The Cool Conservationist Virtual Camps are open to children from ages 8 to 15 years.


The Cool Conservationist programme comprises of a series of fun, live and interactive online sessions specially curated for young nature lovers. The sessions are packed with games, discussions, crafts and lots more.
The Cool Conservation Camps offer you two Series to choose from viz.
The Backyard Scientist Series
The Species Specialist Series

The Backyard Scientist series allows your child to learn and explore the animals and plants common to the average Indian back-garden. The series is further divided into themes focusing on birds, butterflies, snakes & frogs and trees. To know more about this series click:- Backyard Scientist.

The Species Specialist series invites your child on a virtual journey exploring the many wild animals and habitats across India. This unique series will provide an in-depth look into how WWF India works towards the conservation of our natural heritage. The Species Specialist series comprises of sessions on Big Cats, Giants Among Us, Denizens of the Ganges and Treasures of the Himalayas. To know more about this series click:- Species Specialist.


As part of the Cool Conservationist Virtual Camps, in addition to the weekend webinars packed with learning and fun, participants will also receive
• One exclusive Cool Conservationist Journal
• E-Certificate on completion
• Fortnightly Nature Nuggets E-newsletter


Currently, the Cool Conservationist Virtual Camps and associated resources are available in English


Registration involves a simple five-step process:
• Select one or more topics in either series (i.e. Backyard Scientist and/or Species Specialist) by adding to Cart, once you have made your selections proceed to buy/purchase
• Provide a valid email address for email verification/authentication
• Fill in general information for communication and provision of course material
• Read and Accept WWF India's Indemnity clauses
• Complete payment
Hurray! You are now signed up for WWF India's Cool Conservationist Virtual Camp!


• WWF India does not carry out refunds in the event of cancellation once booking has been confirmed and payment procedures have been completed.
• You must provide authentic, correct and true information while completing the process for online payment.
• You will receive a confirmation email on successful/failed transaction.
• If an error occurs while selecting the course/session or any other parameter, kindly contact us at edu@wwfindia.net within 1 working day to ensure rectification of the issue. Said circumstances are subject to inspection and corroboration by the WWF India team.
• No refund/cancellation request for the payment(s) will be entertained through the online payment gateway after the funds have been accepted on our Online Payment Gateway unless there is a fraud notification from our Payment Gateway Service Providers.
• In the event of a special circumstance: where a participant is unable to attend a booked course on its scheduled date, WWF India will allow said participant to attend the same course on another available date with no extra charge on sending a request to edu@wwfindia.net. Said circumstances are subject to inspection and corroboration by the WWF India team.


After successful registration and payment, you will receive an email confirming the same, along with instructions for logging into the Cool Conservation session(s) registered for.
You will be added to a WhatsApp group (with the number provided in general information) for further communication including login details and best practices which will be provided a day prior to your session(s).


Query 1- I have slow speed internet
As this is a primarily digital programme which will include video streaming and live interaction, good internet is a prerequisite for participation

Query 2- What if I face an error during the payment procedure?
In the event of an error in payment, please write to us at edu@wwfindia.net or call at 011-41504790

Query 3- What platform will the session(s) be held on?
The Cool Conservationist Virtual Camps will be conducted over Zoom

Query 4- How soon will I receive my Cool Conservationist Journal?
The delivery date for the journal depends on date of registration/location of participant.

Query 5 - Who can I contact for further details?
You can write to edu@wwfindia.net or call at 011-41504790