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Infusing environment into curriculum

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A course for educators to master the skill of infusion of environmental themes in their subject curriculum to design innovative lessons for the classroom. 

A Self-paced Course By : WWF-INDIA

What you will learn

  • Understand why they need to infuse environmental themes in their lessons 
  • Learn the basics of infusion 
  • Discover environmental themes in their lessons  
  • Apply infusion techniques in the lessons and design lessons and projects 
  • Consolidate the learning
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Course Description

Are you an educator who wants to make a difference to the planet? 

Do you want to help shape environmentally conscious citizens of the future but don’t know how to get your students started?  

Think infusion!  

The infusion approach helps to build environmental leadership in students by integrating environmental themes with the curriculum. This innovative approach can help you make environment education a part of every subject and every lesson. 

Want to know more? We’ve got a course for you! 

We’ll introduce you to the what, why and how of infusion. We’ll provide you with tips, tools, and tons of examples to help you design engaging and effective infusion lessons for your students. Using these infusion techniques, you can be a part of the change, implement transformative educational methods, and mould the environmental leaders of tomorrow.  

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