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Plants, animals, and humans must thrive together, for a happier and healthier planet. Gain knowledge and skills to discover nature around you and adopt greener habits for eco-friendly homes.

A Self-paced Course By : WWF-INDIA

Hindi OEOH Course

What you will learn

  • Connect with nature and know more about India’s biodiversity.
  • Learn to explore and discover local biodiversity.
  • Conduct green audits in your school/homes.
  • Kitchen gardening
  • Waste segregation and Composting
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Course Description

Did you know that besides you, there are other creatures too that live in your house? You might have seen a few ants near a sugar cube or heard crows cawing or sparrows chirping on nearby trees or even a spider swinging from its web at 180 degrees. Some of them are more visible whereas others become our hidden housemates! 

We share planet Earth with many other plants and animals. Earth is as much their home as it is ours. Therefore, we must respect them whether they are in the jungles or in our homes. Plants, animals, and humans must thrive together, for a happier and healthier planet forever.  

And it all starts by us taking a few steps to learn about nature, adopt green habits and create eco-friendly homes. So, we got you the One Earth – One Home course, the best way to spend your time exploring nature.  

This course is divided into three main modules:  

  • Module 1: Seek and Find : Discover and explore nature in your homes from the windows to the balconies. 
  • Module 2: Look and Learn –  Conduct audits and adopt greener habits. 
  • Module 3: Discuss and Do – Act to create a greener home with family and friends. 

One Earth One Home is a short and flexible online course. It’s filled with interactive activities, quizzes, and engaging videos that will provide you with the knowledge and skill required to build a greener home.