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ABC of Birdwatching

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Discover birds around you, learn how to identify and protect them.

A Self-paced Course By : WWF-INDIA

What you will learn

  • Introduction and tips to Birdwatching
  • Identification of common birds
  • Classification and naming of birds
  • Bird Morphology: Bill, feet and wings
  • Evolution and adaptation in birds
  • Bird sounds
  • Documentation of bird behavior through Ethogram
  • Migration in Birds
  • Threats and conservation
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Course Description

Do birds fascinate you? Yes, those swift, brightly colored, chirpy creatures that fly over your head all day long or are perched on trees looking intently at you! 

Then ABC of Birdwatching is the perfect course for you! Here you will gain lots of knowledge and learn handy tips and techniques to find, identify and connect with birds. 

The course consists of 5 short modules filled with engaging videos, mind-boggling facts and fun quizzes. At the end of each module, you will also get a worksheet to document and jumpstart your birdwatching journey. 

So, get–set–go and step into the world of birds with WWF-India’s Naturalist and become a birdwatcher today!