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The Big Cats of India

Big cats are among the most iconic species on the planet. Discover India's big cats and explore their characteristics, behaviours, and conservation challenges.

A Self-paced Course By : WWF-INDIA

What you will learn

  • The common features of cats
  • The big cats found in India
  • Characteristics and behaviours of the five big cats found in India
  • The ecological, economic, and cultural importance of big cats
  • Threats and challenges to big cats
  • How we can conserve and coexist with big cats
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Course Description

Of all the predators found around the world, big cats are some of the most well-recognised. We use many terms to describe them—charismatic, regal, powerful, ferocious, and more—but how much do we know about them? 

From the elusive snow leopard of the Himalayas to the Bengal tiger of the Sundarbans, each big cat species has unique features, behaviours, and adaptations that make these animals the most formidable predators on the planet. 

Through this short, easy-to-understand online course, you are guaranteed an ‘up close and personal’ look at the big cats of India! Find out how these magnificent felines are equipped to hunt and thrive in the wild. Discover the challenges these species face and explore what it takes for us to coexist with and conserve these amazing animals.